понеделник, 1 юли 2013 г.

My idea is:

If you ever visit the Republic of Bulgaria as a sign of hospitality we want to give you a weekend at our house. It is located in the village Surnevets located in Bulgaria, Stara Zagora, Municipality Bratya_Daskalovi. It is situated in the middle Sarnena forest. We want to meet new people from all over the world love new acquaintances with interesting and nice people. You are welcome in our home, we welcome you as our capacity. Work as civil servants in our country this status is not well paid, but could you create one normal weekend, and to introduce you to our traditions, history and lifestyle over the years. We can not make commitments on your travel costs, but you have 2 days weekend that will provide you with absolutely free two nights and food, and good company. We provide our public Facebook profiles where you can learn more about us: "Encho Kolev" and "МАША ЛАЛИЧ ДЕКУПАЖ АРТ" or email encho.kolev @ gmail.com. We try to the extent possible to improve the conditions and the vision of our home, we would be grateful for ideas that you gave us when you are our guests and also leave your footprint. If you so desire, our request is to contact us so we can get some idea of ​​you and you confirm that you are welcome. If you are writing us seem interesting idea and would like to support it, you can do it. Making a donation is easy. You can give online, in the mail, through automatic monthly transfers from your bank, or by donating in-kind goods or services. No matter how you give, your generosity helps.
If you clicked on the "donate" the following will happen: Your donation will help so all the guests feel more comfort and enjoyable and will be disclosed balance the costs incurred by your donations. So ... if You wish, but now you do not have time to visit us we would be grateful if you contribute to a comfortable weekend of other people who will understand the published costs. With the consent of our guests will be able to connect with them in person to be sure how your donation is spent, which could amount and just amount for a snack. Be sure that people will try to have more of this in the name of a new friendship and knowledge about other culture and way of life, because only knowledge makes us stronger and more precious! Please if you are interested our idea and feel that some as the minimum amount to be able to afford to jump right into this idea as a guest or well-wisher and want and make a donation to notify us by email to introduce you know what happens Your donation to goodwill! In the end we apologize if there are inaccuracies in the translation, but we do them through www.translate.google.com.